The full line of 30 postcards and 24 notecards may be seen at Flying Rabbit Cards on Etsy.

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Big-headed Molerat

Pete identifies as a golden-brown, soft-furred, big-headed root-rat. He shows off his livingroom to whoever will enter his burrow.


From a series of paintings inspired by toys, Tedi is the supermodel among his peers: much-loved and looks great in every pose.


Easily shocked and extremely gullible, Lester was relieved to learn he is not elligible for certain professions.

One-eyed Striped Rabbit

O.E. was so dedicated to his career he lost his only good eye on the job.

My Fiancée Is a Skunk

Of course he gave me a ring! What kind of an animal do you think he is?!

On the back of each card there is a bioghraphical tidbit about the model. To see the full line of cards, go to Flying Rabbit Cards at Etsy. Retailers may email Margot for wholesale catalog, order form, or to place orders.



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